Alexander Hotels

Alexander Hotels
Advertising Creative and Copywriting
Advertising Creative and Copywriting - Template Suite
Luxury Gift Voucher Creative Design and Print
Large Format Signage - Design and Print
Seasonal Advertising Creative and Copywriting
Promotional Leaflet Design and Print
Cedar Lodge Logo Marque - created to extend the existing brand architecture
Conceptual Design for Promotional Teaser Campaign - Laser Cut Leaflet Design
Conceptual Design for Promotional Teaser Campaign - Premium Stocks and Inks
Cedar Lodge Brochure - Logo Design, Copywriting, Premium Print Finishing
Cedar Lodge Brochure - Foil Blocking Print Process
Cedar Lodge Brochure
Cedar Lodge Brochure - in use
Alexander Hotels

Alexander Hotels are a group of luxury hotels and spas just outside of London. These exquisite venues deserve nothing short of sumptuous design and print to clearly communicate the values of their brand. Our innovative design solutions on key communication pieces such as; national advertising, teaser campaigns, promotional brochures, luxury gift vouchers and large format signage, combine quality print with premium tactile stocks and print finishes.