thinking, working, wowing.

Our passion is creative problem solving.

Never art for art’s sake, our canvas is your business objectives, framed by solid strategic thinking.

Perhaps the greatest challenge for any aesthetic endeavour is the reconciliation of form and function.
In marketing communications the same dynamic may be said to apply between business and commercial art.

We are committed to attracting prospects to your products and business message in a manner that reflects well upon your brand.

To achieve this aim we believe it takes relevant, effective solutions, beautifully executed.

It is out of respect for the significance of this ambition that we have set out our store
with guiding principles and practices best summarised as Practical Magic.

We would welcome the opportunity to further explain how our approach
could be of benefit to your business and enhance your brand.

Our creative services include:

  • Define

    The first element of our design process is to define the problem. We gather information from you, the client, about the product or service, the competitive context, its history and most importantly the people involved. We research into your market whilst keeping abreast of appropriate trends and multimedia capabilities. We analyse the information to find potential angles of exploration which are discussed to help define a brief. From this point we can apply our combined industry knowledge to offer solutions that will fit to your exact requirements.

  • Development

    The second element of the process
    is to plan and develop the project.
    We create milestones and cement your goals by producing a set of strategies for you to peruse and confirm before we proceed.

  • Create 

    Once we’ve agreed a clear set of objectives we start to bring your vision into shape. This stage is the essential element of the process. With a wealth of experience in the creative industry, our talented design team brainstorm, visualise, and test scenarios. We generate lots of ideas, not stopping at the obvious or impossible, and experiment until the strongest solutions are selected as creative concepts –  delivered as a proposal for your review.

  • Feedback

    With the initial designs produced for you to review, you are able to make amends and provide us with valuable feedback, which we use to continue to develop your project under your guidance.

  • Perfecting

    Working to your feedback we follow your project through to the finished article. We work closely with our clients at every stage, resulting in a product or service that successfully addresses the brief, and best befits the qualities of your brand, product or service.

  • Brand Guardians

    Just because we have delivered the required results, the story doesn’t end there. We continue to care for our clients after their jobs have been completed. We pride ourselves on being brand guardians: We will endeavour to ensure that your brand is protected and retains consistency; keeping your identity strong across all your visual marketing.  We are able to advise on all aspects of your visual identity and ensure that you have all the tools in place to future proof your brand.