Turn2us Rebrand
Turn2us Rebrand - Conceptual Development
Turn2us Rebrand - Logo Marque Design
Turn2us Rebrand - Turning Two Icon
Turn2us Rebrand - Stationery Design
Turn2us Rebrand - Collateral and Merchandising Design and Print
Turn2us Rebrand - Annual Report Design and Print
Turn2us Rebrand - Brand Guidelines, Colour Profiling, Copywriting, Banners
Turn2us Launch Campaign, Creative Direction & Design, Copywriting, Web Creative
Turn2us Launch Campaign, Creative Direction & Design, Copywriting, Tube Adverts
Turn2us Benefits Awareness Campaign, Telephone Box Poster
Turn2us Benefits Awareness Campaign, Bus Stop Poster
Turn2us Benefits Awareness Campaign Posters
Turn2us - Charity Rebrand

We have been privileged to undertake the rebrand of two long established financial hardship charities (Elizabeth Finn Care and Turn2us) into one singular identity. This required a much more muscular and powerful character – to better reflect the charity’s power and passion for fighting UK poverty. The process started with our stakeholder surveys and fieldwork analysis conducted by ComRes to establish a solid platform from which to build the new brand. The research results clearly defined a critical framework for the branding, including vision and mission statements, the charity’s role, values, objectives, positioning and personality. A unified and suitably persuasive brand communication style was created with Key Messaging statements and comprehensive Tone of Voice Guide. The resulting ‘Turn2us’ identity has been fantastically well received at all subsequent stakeholder conferences and public awareness has grown rapidly. Our ‘No Cold Homes’ launch campaign involving London Underground poster advertising, microsite and celebrity ebay auction helped generate over 121,100 completed benefits calculations during the four week campaign. A 242% increase over the previous Benefits Awareness Month campaign (old branding) which achieved 50,000 completed benefits calculations.